is a collaboration between two innovative Ayrshire businesses, Tartan Jigsaw and Listen Up. We help destinations identify what people think about their local area, and provide straightforward insight and recommendations on how to make their place better for everyone.


Tartan Jigsaw

Tartan Jigsaw, run by Ros Halley, is a Scottish based project management company providing creative leadership for place regeneration, heritage and tourism projects. Tartan Jigsaw work in partnership with community groups, businesses and national organisations to provide effective and innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of interests. Tartan Jigsaw are passionate and knowledgeable about culture and tourism, place making and communities.

Listen Up

Listen Up, run by Cameron Singleton, are a research organisation based in Ayrshire. Listen Up work with businesses, communities and national organisations to help them find out what people think of their products, people, processes and places. Listen Up use industry leading tools in order to carry out this research in a measured and structured way, providing a cost effective way to listen to the thoughts and opinions of key stakeholders.